The modern woman no longer remains a house wife. The number of working women has increased drastically during the past few years. With the growth in education for women all around the world, and also due to ground breaking career opportunities, women are no longer thought to be inferior to men. However, some organizations are yet to flourish in such mentality. They may disregard women as weak, and hence if you are a working woman, here are some of the challenges you will face.

  • Gender bias
    It is very common to discriminate women due to the misconception that they are incapable of performing certain tasks. Some companies do not welcome women employees. However, nowadays even women are ready to travel for site visits and take charge of complete projects. Also, most men do not like to work under women since it makes them feel inferior. Such narrow mindedness should not be encouraged in the workplace since women are equally capable to hold high positions in organizations and help to take important decisions.
    • Work life balance
      A woman is known to play a major role in the household. No matter what career you pursue, you cannot ignore your duties as a wife and mother. Sleepless nights due to the constant cries of your little one, the huge pile of laundry, pending project reports will surely bring you to a fix. On top of that, you need to stay fit and healthy. Adequate rest is essential so if you have little ones crying at night, try baby sleep therapy. Also, take a few minutes every week to workout and also pay attention to your diet.
      • Gossips
        An office without gossip is not really an office. Lunch time, tea breaks, restrooms are some of the most common meeting places for gossip mongers to come up with the most bizarre stories of you being at the movies last afternoon with your managing director when you were actually at sleep school for babies. As soon as women come up to higher positions, people find one way or the other to defame her and mentally bring her down. You should not give in to such gossips.
        • Sexual harassment
          This is one of the most common challenges. Most women fall prey to cunning men who put forward a pretext of love which leads to sexual abuse. However, this continues not only due to the fault of men, but women too. Most women fear speaking up and standing for themselves, and hence they quietly bear abuse. This should be stopped immediately. You should not feel weak in front of such injustice and abuse. Many organizations are holding seminars and forums to educate all employees on women employment and how such abuse can lead to severe punishment.